As the Chairman of Basin Transit, McArthur Wright would like to take this opportunity to recognize a stellar achievement reached by Basin Transit, our local provider of public transportation in the Morongo Basin.

As of February 10th, Basin Transit has 300 days and over 585,000 miles of 100% safety to include no accidents, injuries or preventable mishaps of any kind.  This is a testament to the staff of the Organization. Their professionalism, attention-to-detail and adherence to safe practices/protocols is a fine example of dedication by all the Basin Transit employees.  Recognition goes to the office/administrative staff, the maintenance crew and the bus drivers.  All the wonderful employees play an important role in the smooth operation of and dedicated service provided to the citizens of the Morongo Basin.

Congratulations on a job well done to all the employees of Basin Transit.  You exemplify what great achievements can be reached when everyone works together and commits themselves to excellence.  Basin Transit demonstrates this excellence every day in every way!

Here’s to the next 300 days of safety!