Cash Fares – Exact Fare, Please! Have exact fare or pass ready. The driver carries no change.

Fare discounts are available to:

  • Senior Citizens: Age 60 and over with any valid proof of age.
  • People with disabilities: Available to anyone displaying an Basit Transit ADA eligibility card. Call (760) 366-2395 for more information.

Up to three small children (age 5 or under) may ride free with an adult.

Lost bus passes and tickets will not be replaced. Damaged and illegible passes will not be accepted.

Intercity Highway Routes

(1A & 1B)
Fare Type

Neighborhood Shuttles

(Routes 3A, 3B, 7A, 7B & 21)
Fare Type

Route 12

Originating:1-WayRound Trip
29 Palms$10.00$15.00
Joshua Tree or Yucca Valley$7.00$11.00
Morongo Valley$5.00$9.00
All Locations (Seniors/Disabled)$4.50$9.00

Route 15

Originating:1-WayRound Trip
29 Palms$20.00$25.00
Joshua Tree or Yucca Valley$17.00$21.00
Morongo Valley$15.00$19.00
All Locations (Seniors/Disabled)$14.50$19.00

Bus Passes

Pass (Valid on Routes 1, 3A, 3B, 7A, 7B & 21)Cost
Day Pass (Standard)$3.75
Day Pass (Student/Senior/Disabled)$3.00
31-Day Go Pass (Standard)$40.00
31-Day Go Pass (Student/Senior/Disabled)$25.00
Palm Springs 10-Ride Punch Pass (Valid on Route 12 Only) -- $42.00

Ready Ride Services

10-Punch Discount Pass*$12.50
20-Punch Discount Pass*$25.00
*Discount Passes only available for Senior/Disabled riders