How to ride

RIDER ALERT! Seat Belt Law:

Effective July 1, 2018, Passengers of Basin Transit must use seat belts while riding buses equipped with seat belts. Passengers who fail to use seat belt may incur a fine equal to $20 for the first infraction and $50 for any additional infractions.


Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Times posted are best estimates, so please be patient. Have exact fare ready; checks are not accepted except for Ready Ride services. Drivers may request I.D. upon use of a Basin Transit Pass. Please have I.D. ready.


On most Basin Transit routes, passengers can only board and alight at designated stops. However, in certain areas where there are no bus stops, flag stops are permitted. All one has to do is wave to the driver, and if it’s safe to stop, the driver will. Please contact Customer Service to verify your flag stop location.


Deviated fixed route service is available within 3/4 mile of the route to members of the general public who are unable to get to the regular fixed route bus stops. Deviations are by reservation only and requests must be 1 hour in advance prior to trip. Route 21 Landers Loops will deviate up to 1.5 miles. All deviations are subject to approval due to distance and road conditions. For more information, please call (760) 366-2395.


Children 5 years old and under ride free (up to 3 per adult). Children 7 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.


To keep our buses clean, open food and drinks are not allowed on the bus. Travel mugs and sippy cups with tight-fitting, secure lids are OK.


Limit carry-ons to the size and number you can easily handle. Assistance is available for seniors and persons with disabilities on Ready Ride Service. Limit 6 packages up to 25 lbs each. No flammable or hazardous items. All strollers must be unloaded and folded before boarding and secured so as to not block a door or aisle. Carts must be secured so as to not block a door or aisle. Depending on available space, carts may need to be emptied and folded to secure properly


ADA service animals are permitted. All other pets must be in an approved pet carrier that fits on the passenger’s lap. A passenger is limited to two pet carriers. An approved pet carrier is a device commercially manufactured and designed to secure pets.


All buses are wheelchair lift equipped. Find more info on ADA service here.


Please only talk to the driver when boarding or when the bus comes to a complete stop. Once you are seated, do not move or change seats while the bus is in motion.


to persons who pose a significant risk to the health or safety of others, are intoxicated, abusive, or offensive. Shoes and shirts must be worn.