Volunteer Driver Program


TREP is a mileage reimbursement transportation service that compliments public transportation. Volunteer drivers will transport seniors, people with disabilities, persons with low and limited income as well as other vulnerable residents to medical services, grocery shopping, banking and other important destinations.

Basin Transit strives to continue to provide access and mobility for its residents of Basin Transit. The Transportation Reimbursement Escort Program (TREP) provides an incentive for volunteer drivers to assist eligible individuals who are unable to access public transportation or drive by providing necessary, escorted transportation.

Participants receive funds to reimburse the volunteer driver and offset the costs associated with providing this transportation option.


  • If qualified, you must identify someone who is willing to be you driver (yes, you can have more than one driver).
  • You keep track of your trips and miles driven to transport you
  • At the end of the month, you submit your records.
  • We reimburse you (as long as funding is available), and then you reimburse your driver(s).

*All reimbursement payments will be made through direct deposit; the reimbursement amount will automatically be deposited into your bank account. Paper check will not be issued. In order to receive reimbursement payment, you MUST provide a bank account number.

Am I qualified?

The eligibility determination staff will determine whether or not you are qualified. You may be qualified if you:

  • Are disabled, frail, or unable to drive
  • Are unable to use other forms of transportation (Basin Transit Services); and
  • Live in San Bernardino County’s rural area within the Basin Transit (including Johnson Valley, Pioneertown, Wonder Valley)
  • Those who use TREP can’t simultaneously use the Basin Transit Ready Ride, which is ADA demand response service


  • You recruit volunteer drivers from people you know and trust
  • Your trips can include multiple destinations
  • You schedule your rides at times that are convenient for both you and your volunteer driver

How do I sign up?

Click here to download the application or contact the Basin Transit, TREP Client Relations Clerk for more information and how to receive the applications materials. (760) 366-2765