Morongo Basin Transit Authority, usually referred to as MBTA, is shedding its old skin and taking on a new, brighter and bolder identity as Basin Transit.  The change in name and logo was motivated by the purchase of new buses and was guided by the system’s Board of Directors.

Cheri Holsclaw was appointed as the system’s general manager just in time to spearhead the rebranding effort.  She says, “This has been a really exciting project.  I’ve been with  MBTA for almost 15 years and have seen a lot of positive changes as the system has grown and modernized.  This new brand reflects both our ongoing connection to the Morongo Basin environment and the modern fleet and technology which make us an efficient transportation option for the basin’s residents.”

The first bus with a bold red color and the new lizard logo will be showcased at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 1st in 29 Palms. Everyone will have a chance to climb on board and check out the new ride. New buses will start being seen on the street in September, and over the next six months, the entire fleet, as well as bus stop signs, will metamorphose into the new identity.

“With this rebranding effort, Basin Transit’s new identity will catch the eyes of Morongo Basin residents and call attention to the tremendous value and service provided by the public transportation system,” says Basin Transit Chair Merl Abel. “We are looking forward to supporting the Basin Transit system as it continues to provide efficient, environmentally friendly transportation options to Morongo Basin residents.”

Basin Transit’s service and fares will remain unchanged.  The transit system serves Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Landers, Copper Mountain College and MCAGCC.  It also provides intercity service to Palm Springs, including a stop near the airport.